Data Management

Our advanced modeling techniques and strategic partnerships enable us to create sustainable data solutions & create opportunities with innovative diversity.

With advanced analytics and detailed compilation techniques applied to our vast pool of data, we can build effective lists in order to more accurately reach our clients’ desired consumers or prospects. With a database of over 218MM names, our business model is completely different than any other list compiler in that we combine aggregated credit data (at the zip plus four level) with 7 million to 12 million multi-channel buyers and three different demographic databases.

We have over 70 audience segments that have been compiled based on the combination of certain demographic, transaction, behavior and aggregated credit data available today. However, we also specialize in building audience segments and customized models to target your specific universe of potential customers. Prior to building custom models, we analyze our clients existing data and unearth its most relevant characteristics. We then cross reference similarities in our database, Mh2 PrecisionBase, to create a fresh and powerfully effective and targeted database for our clients.

Discover how Mh2 PrecisionBase can help you reach your consumers!

PrecisionBase - Electronic Mail and Postal Data Cards
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