Mh2 Direct provides a full range of innovative creative services.

We provide innovative creative services for several well-known Fortune 500 companies. Our creative philosophy begins and ends with substance. We take the best elements from our creative minds and combine them with our advertising expertise and client-side marketing knowledge to create advertising that is both visually appealing and effective - whether that means enticing someone to call an 800 number, or to communicate and maintain a consistent brand image. Mh2 Direct utilizes a full range of creative services including print, collateral, television and video production, brand positioning, event and internet marketing, point of purchase, web design, and radio.

Our national scope of experience on high-visibility work ensures that our creative capabilities must be strategically sound and uniquely compelling.  Our wide range of in-house capabilities provide you with a convenient “one-stop-shop” for all your communications challenges–whether it’s re-branding your products or services, or implementing a simple copy change across all your advertising materials. Please browse our Creative Case Studies and Portfolio.


Brand and Marketing Communications Development – Mh2 Direct developed the brand image and marketing communications for the launch of a new division within a financial services company. This ranged from the production of an entire portfolio of collateral materials to supporting all subsequent marketing efforts to attract new customers. The new division grew quickly to become a significant business line that accumulated over $1 billion on deposit.

Multi-Media Kiosk Concept – A unique Point of Purchase marketing display was conceptualized and produced to utilize both audio and video in an entertaining and educational manner to promote the benefits of our clients’ products in high-traffic locations on a 24/7 basis. Mh2 Direct blended the client’s brand image with a fun, colorful, dynamic informative video that also clearly explained the extensive product benefits to consumers. This eye-catching concept has been attributed with increasing sales volume by over 20% as compared to previous Point of Purchase efforts.

Effective On-Page Advertising – Several successful national print-media campaigns were created for various financial services clients. With a proven track record, Mh2 Direct has developed advertisements that uniquely differentiate themselves while successfully delivering the desired message. These advertisements have increased awareness and generated sales for our client’s unique products and services.


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