Mh2 Direct develops competitive and innovative marketing solutions.

We provide consulting services to an array of clients; including competitive tracking studies, product feasibility studies, RFP analysis, loyalty marketing promotions, and custom marketing campaigns. With over 65 combined years of client side experience, the Mh2 Direct team of consultants has extensive competence and knowledge in the financial services industry. Mh2 Direct is committed to taking an objective look at our clients’ needs and then developing creative business solutions for them in a fair and unbiased manner.  Please view our Case Studies to see how we have helped our clients’ businesses in a variety of ways - from being more efficient to more cost effective.


Request For Proposal (RFP) Projects – Mh2 Direct helped a client select the best-in-class loyalty service provider for an ongoing loyalty promotion by utilizing an RFP Process to evaluate their current vendor and several prospective loyalty vendors. Mh2 Direct performed on-site visits for each loyalty vendor that responded to the written RFP during which each vendor’s strengths and weaknesses were assessed as they related to our client’s program operations. This included meeting with key project team members, analyzing the loyalty program’s operating system, performing call monitoring, assessing security procedures for certificate fulfillment, reviewing merchandise fulfillment methods, as well as reviewing other critical functions. The evaluation also included a “Scorecard” to assess pricing and service delivery. A list of key attributes and prospective ranking system was developed for evaluation. The weight of each attribute was determined according to its relative importance to the overall assessment of each vendor’s capabilities to service the various reward programs. The weighing and ranking of these key attributes provided an objective and unbiased evaluation of the vendors, allowing our client to select the best loyalty vendor for the program. The RFP process produced a loyalty vendor that eventually saved them $3.5MM the first year, with a steady rise in savings thereafter.

Competitive Tracking Study – Mh2 Direct worked with one of our Fortune 500 clients to evaluate and analyze their deposit efforts. From this, we were able to make recommendations to our client regarding the positioning and marketing of its’ deposit products. The examination was accomplished by tracking competitor print advertising for products that were in direct competition with our client. Mh2 Direct partnered with the top-tracking bureau in the U.S. Each day, hundreds of newspapers, trade journals and magazines were monitored in search of competitive advertising. Ads were captured and cataloged to help create a comprehensive analysis. From this information, we were able to determine competitor-marketing strategies, as well as estimate how many advertising dollars the competition was spending on print advertising during the six-month tracking period. This enabled our client to have a better grasp of not only where their competition was advertising, but also get an estimate of what the competition was spending on media. Our client then adjusted their media placements according to our findings.

Marketing Promotion – Mh2 Direct developed a usage promotion for one of our Fortune 500 companies to increase brand awareness and stimulate sales during the holiday season. We first segmented our clients’ customer database based on behavior. Mh2 Direct was able to identify four key segments that would be most receptive to the usage promotion based on past behavior. We developed the campaign theme, program structure, marketing message, and oversaw all aspects of the back end fulfillment of this promotion on behalf of our client. Through our targeted marketing strategy, this program was successful in increasing card usage as well as heightening brand awareness.