Code of Ethics

Driven to be the most innovative and trustworthy business partner, Mh2 Direct is dedicated to delivering proven and successful marketing campaigns and solving business challenges for corporate leaders worldwide.

Mh2 Direct provides data intelligence and strategic marketing acumen to assist company leaders in making improved business decisions and realize superior results.

Value Proposition
For 26 years, Mh2 has grown to meet the demands of today's sophisticated marketer, from a list and print media company into a full service direct marketing agency delivering a myriad of data resources and creating insightful intelligence to generate the proper return on your marketing investment.

In effect, we have learned that the data (quality and accurate data) combined with the right analytics and the proper software tools strengthens connections between customers, businesses and their partners. Better connections, in turn, drives improved ROI, customer value and makes a significant impact on your marketing effectiveness.

So, why is Mh2 Direct better than our competition? We understand the importance of how to make those connections. With all the variety of ways one can connect to the consumer today they have never been more accessible be it by mail, mobile phone, tablet, computer or TV. But the consumer will ignore any attempt at connecting if it's not the right connection with the right message, and that's what we deliver.